Water and sewerage infrastructure charges

Water and sewerage companies are entitled to levy a charge when premises are connected to the public water supply for the first time.

Please note for most domestic dwellings a standard charge is payable, however, for larger homes and commercial premises the charge may be higher.

We will advise you of the likely charge at the time of the estimate. 

Water Infrastructure Charge

The charge is payable where water usage will only be for domestic purposes e.g. washing, cooking, central heating and sanitary purposes.

Non-domestic Water Availability Charge

This is payable when water is to be used for non-domestic purposes, including building/construction, for the purposes of a laundry business, food manufacture/processing and preparation of food or drink for consumption off the premises.

The cost to you is the same in either case.

Sewerage Infrastructure Charge

Where applicable, sewerage services are the responsibility of Anglian Water Services Ltd (AWS), which levies its own Sewerage Infrastructure Charge.

Cambridge Water collects this sum on behalf of AWS and passes it direct to them. We have no control over the level of the Sewerage Infrastructure Charge and any queries regarding the charge should be addressed to Anglian Water Services Ltd.