Service laying terms and conditions

1.  Cambridge Water’s service laying estimates are valid for 28 days.  Prices are strictly net unless otherwise stated.  Payment arrangements and our terms are stated on the estimates.

2.  The length of communication pipe estimated will be clearly shown on the estimate.  On completion the communication pipe will be re-measured and the invoice based on the actual length laid.

3.  Cambridge Water will make service connections within 21 days (28 days where working in the highway is required) of Water Regulations approval of your part of the service pipe.

4.  We will need you to identify and mark the position of the highway boundary so that we can position our boundary box in private property as close as practicable to the boundary.  Boundary boxes will be set to current ground levels unless you advise otherwise. Subsequent alterations will be at your cost.

5. If programmed works are prevented from going ahead due to circumstances beyond our control, we may require a further 21 days to re-programme.

6.  Your part of the service pipe needs to be laid to a minimum depth of 750mm and the end sealed to prevent ingress of material.

7.  Multiple services: Before we attend you will need to clearly label your part of the service pipe at the point of connection, to enable identification of properties or plots.

8. In line with the recommendations of the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme guidance note 9-04-05 Cambridge Water Company requires all new non-domestic supplies to have whole-site backflow protection to fluid category 3. This should be installed at the boundary of the premises or at the first available aboveground location. The backflow protection should be a Double Check Valve or other no less effective device. Cambridge Water Company will inspect the work prior to any connection being made to the mains network. Whole-site protection is in addition to any point of use or zone protection requirements.

For any further information please contact the Regulations Department on 01223 706050 or email