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Network development team

Mike Sloan
Network Development Manager

Mike is head of the network development team. Services provided by the team range from designing and pricing up new developments through to the installation and on-site maintenance of pipework.

Tel: 01223 706050
E-mail mikesloan@

Craig Claydon
Field Technician and Auditor

Craig works closely with our partnering contractor. He supervises and audits their work installing on-site infrastructure works required to service new developments. Liases with customers and estimates the cost of in-fill new connections.

Tel: 01223 706050
E-mail craigclaydon@

Gary Parsons
Field Services Co-ordinator

Gary heads up a team of customer service inspectors who are responsible for ensuring developers comply with the Water Fittings Regulations. The team carries out hundreds of on-site tests each year to ensure compliance.

Tel: 01223 706050

Carol Jackson-Smith

Carol provides administrative support and help for customers with general enquiries.

Tel: 01223 706050
E-mail networkdevelopment@