Mainlaying terms and conditions

1. Cambridge Water’s mainlaying estimates are valid for three months and based on the assumption that we will provide the main laying work within three months or other agreed reasonable time period following receipt of formal acceptance and payment.

 2. The estimated costs associated with each project have been produced on the assumption that the main laying can be carried out in one continuous operation or in accordance with the phase arrangements agreed at the time of estimate preparation.  If we, for reasons beyond our control, are unable to proceed on this basis, any additional costs incurred as a result, will be passed on.

3. The main laying estimate will be based on the water main being laid before any other utility plant on the site.  Cambridge Water reserves the right to recover any additional costs associated with laying around other utilities’ apparatus.

4. Developers need to ensure that kerb haunching is completed or established before main laying commences. This is in order to guarantee a correct line and level for the water main through the footpath area so as to conform with the street as finally formed, and also to ensure the main has a minimum cover of 900mm. 

Clear access is to be provided on the proposed line of the main, to enable mechanical plant to excavate and backfill the trenches, i.e. there shall be no obstructions, such as surplus soil, building materials, plant and equipment etc.  Where difficulties of this nature are encountered, we reserve the right to leave site and re-programme to return only when the site is mutually agreed as clear and recover any costs incurred.  If the site layout is altered or otherwise revised following acceptance of this estimate, it will be necessary to charge for any extra costs incurred.

5. To enable roadworks to proceed and minimise main laying costs the developer should, prior to general main laying, install ducts where the main is shown crossing roads and at other locations by prior agreement with us.  The positions of ducts should be clearly marked, have a minimum of 900mm cover and have clear access of at least 6m to one of the ends.

6. Valve and hydrant surface boxes and indicator posts, once installed, are to be kept clear and accessible at all times and any work required in locating or repairing them, due to site contractors’/sub-contractors’ operations, will be recharged to the developer.

7. Where main laying is carried out as part of a multi-lay agreement, the recommendations of NJUG7 must be adhered to.

8. Cambridge Water estimates will not include an allowance for complying with any planning or environmental conditions relating to the site.  Any costs resulting from such conditions will be recharged to the developer.