How to get connected

Whether it's a small, single building or a whole new complex including retail, domestic and commercial properties, Cambridge Water can provide and support all your water requirements for your new building development.

If you have any questions or want information regarding Multi-unit developments please contact our Network Development Team.

 10 simple for one-off developments

1. Read our information pack entitled Get Connected.

2. Complete the application form and return it to us. You should also supply all relevant plans and supporting information.

It is important that you do your best to give as much detail and comprehensive information as possible on the application form. This enables us to understand your needs better and to provide you with a cost-effective proposal that is right for you.

3. Please remember, we need detailed plumbing drawings to ensure compliance with the appropriate Water Fittings Regulations. A form is available to help you with this. We can send it by post or it can be downloaded from our website.

Without these drawings, your application may be delayed. If you need help to complete the form or require further advice on a multi-unit development, please telephone us on 01223 706050.

4.  We will process your application and support you from design stage to on-site construction. Our cost-effective water supply proposals are based on the information you provided and includes a design plan, offer letter and service estimates. Our proposals are normally forwarded within 20 working days from receipt of all the necessary supporting information. If an easement (application to make use of adjoining land as for a right of way) is required, we will let you know at this stage and provide all the information to guide you through this legal process.

5.  Once you have decided which of our services and proposals you prefer, you need to pay for the water mains installation by sending a cheque (made payable to Cambridge Water) to Network Development, Cambridge Water Company, 90 Fulbourn Road, Cambridge CB1 9JN. The cost of the individual service connections will be invoiced separately upon their completion.

6.  Our Network Development Team is pleased to advise and support you throughout the site construction programme. We review your construction schedule and arrange installation of the infrastructure whenever you are ready.

7.  You should inform our team when you need services to individual properties as soon as possible. Before any connections can be made, the section of water pipe from the property to the highway boundary (the supply pipe) MUST HAVE BEEN LAID.

8.  We inspect the supply pipe to ensure water fittings compliance and arrange a site visit by our Customer Service Inspectors. You should allow five working days notice for the visit.

9.  Following a satisfactory outcome of the underground inspection, the connections will be programmed into our work schedule. You should allow 21 days for the work to be carried out.

10. When the plumbing installation is complete, please inform our team who will arrange for the second inspection and the supply to be made live.

For all non-domestic connections we require a suitable backflow device to be fitted. This should be a double non-return valve and can be located either at the boundary of the property or internally at the first available above ground location.

We make every effort to accommodate your programme. But, service connections to properties from the existing water mains network, involve opening the public highway and are subject to statutory regulation. The Highway Authority requires 28 days notice before work commences on site. Under certain circumstances, we may even have to provide three months advance notice. We therefore strongly advise you request connections well ahead of your programme.