Why choose a water meter? - Cambridge Water

Why choose a water meter?

Whether you live alone in a flat or share a house, you can start saving money with a water meter and where possible, Cambridge Water will install it at no charge.

Why install a water meter?

There are two reasons why you should consider installing a water meter: environmental and financial.


We are encouraged to conserve natural resources and energy for the sake of our environment. People become more aware of their water use when they are metered as the more you use, the more you pay.


People feel that metering is the fairest way to charge for water - similar to gas and electricity, paying for what you use. And as a general rule, single occupants and couples or families living in large houses with high rateable values tend to save by having a water meter installed. Most customers use 10% less water once they have a meter installed just because they are conscious of what they use.

Would I be better off with a water meter?

The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) represents water and sewerage consumers in England and Wales. They provide a current and accurate water meter calculator for Cambridge Water customers.

Click here to find out if you would be better off switching to a meter.

Apply for a meter

Click here to apply for a water meter using our online form, alternatively you can apply through My Account.