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In Cambridge we have enjoyed the benefit of clean water for more than 160 years.

Currently, one in 10 of the world's population do not have access to clean water and 2.5 billion are without access to sanitation.

WaterAid's aim is to overcome poverty by enabling the world's poorest people gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education.

Thanks to the generaous support of its customers, employees, stakeholders and local businesses, Cambridge Water has been able to donate many, many thousands of pounds to the charity.


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The money contributes towards activities such as sinking boreholes, building school latrines and providing training and equipment for hygiene volunteers. These are tangible benefits which ultimately reduce suffering and save lives.

Since 1995, 1600 Cambridge Water customers have signed up to support WaterAid. In total these supporters have raised over £1,805,845 (including GiftAid). That's enough to help more than 150,570 people gain access to safe, clean water.

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Customer Campaign

Every 17 seconds, a child in the developing world dies from water-related diseases. In around the time it takes you to read this paragraph someone, somewhere will die.

Yet a gift from as little as £2 a month can help bring a family safe, clean water for life.

Taking part is easy. The campaign works by allowing customers to donate to WaterAid via monthly direct debit payments.  Just £2 a month, over a year, can give a family safe, clean water for life.

If you would like to sign up to the customer campaign visit www.wateraid.org/uk/donate