Vacant properties

If a property has just become vacant or, if you have just moved into a vacant property, please notify us using the moving house form

Generally the user of the premises is responsible for charges.

In the case of vacant premises:

  • In metered properties non-occupation is proven by zero consumption on the meter and no volume charges will be made. The standing charge will still be payable.
  • In unmetered properties the full Rateable Value charge is applicable, together with the standing charge. Customers who leave properties unoccupied are advised to opt for metered charges.

A property is regarded as being vacant in the following circumstances:

  • Premises which are left unoccupied but are left with bedding, a desk or other furniture, so that they may be used as a dwelling, office or commercial premises
  • Premises used for multiple occupation with shared facilities
  • Premises used as holiday, student, hostel or other accommodation
  • Premises used for short-term occupation or letting where the occupation of term of the tenancy is for less than six months
  • Premises in respect of which renovation of building work is being undertaken
  • Premises which are not normally regarded as being occupied such as cattle toughs, car parks etc