Poor pressure

We must supply you with water at a pressure, which will ensure water reaches the top most storey of a building.

You can expect a minimum static water pressure of 10 metres at the stop tap at the boundary to your property. For a typical two storey house this means that:washing hands

1) Water will rise and fill a storage tank in the loft

2) The minimum flow at the cold water tap in a ground floor kitchen will be nine  litres a minute that is equivalent to filling a one gallon bucket in 30 seconds

A number of factors affect the pressure and flow rates in your home. These factors include:

1) The height of your property relative to the reservoirs;

2) The length and condition of the service pipe;

3) Whether your property shares a service pipe with other properties;

4) How much water is being used at any particular time.

There are a few areas where the pressure does not quite reach the minimum standard but we are making the necessary investment to reduce the number of customers affected. We can advise you if you think your property may be in a low pressure area.

If you think your water pressure or flow are too low we will investigate free of charge. If the cause is our responsibility we will take appropriate action. If the cause is your responsibility we will advise you on what to do.

Is your water pressure normal?

If the pressure of your water coming out of the cold kitchen tap is very low it may be because there is a leak or a burst main in your area.

You can find out if we are aware of a problem by clicking here.

You can find out more about the general water pressure of your area by contacting us with details of your address.