Our current water resources

August 2017

At this stage we have no immediate concerns about water resources in the area we supply.

water resources MAY17

Our water comes from underground sources reliant on being replenished over the usually wetter winter periods. The past ten months have been some of the driest on record meaning groundwater recharge and water levels are lower than we would normally expect for the time of year. However, a single dry winter doesn’t give us immediate cause for concern.

We continually monitor the situation and are working closely with the Environment Agency, other water companies and large water users, to ensure we can manage our resources effectively if the dry weather continues.  We also have a Drought Management Plan in place detailing the triggers for any actions we may need to take during extended dry periods to manage both demand and supply of water to our customers. 

The Cambridge Water area of supply is in a dry region of the UK with lower annual rainfall than Barcelona. We always do what we can to conserve supplies and encourage our customers to be as water efficient as possible by offering advice, free water saving devices and the option of  free water meters to be fitted where possible. We particularly ask them to think about water efficiency during the summer periods when they typically spend more time in the garden and enjoy outdoor leisure activities using water.