No water supply

Important notice

If you have lost your water supply and are registered on our customer care register or have an urgent need to access water please call our customer services team on 01223 70 60 50.

If you have lost your water supply it could be for a number of reasons. The following Q&As may help you to identify the problem. If you are not able to identify the problem please call us on 01223 70 60 50.

Do you have any water at the cold kitchen tap?

If you have water at the cold kitchen tap but no hot water or cold water from other taps, this would suggest you have a problem with your internal pipework and you may need to contact a plumber.

Have you checked your stop tap?stop tap

Homes typically have an internal and an external stop tap.

Internal stop taps can usually be found in the pipework under your kitchen sink or in the downstairs bathroom or cloakroom. They are sometimes located in cellars.

If you have recently had work carried out in your house, it may be that your builder or plumber has turned your internal stop tap off and not turned it back on again. If this is the case you should check with them before turning the stop tap on.

External stop taps are normally found in the footpath or public highway, just outside your property. In some cases there will be only one stop tap serving a number of properties (a shared supply), so it may not be right outside your property.

External stop taps are owned by the water company and should only be operated by people who are employed by the water company, except in the case of an emergency and/or if everyone whose water supply is controlled by the stop tap has agreed to the supply being turned off.

However, sometimes if work is being carried out in your area, such as new housing developments,  repairs in the highway or maintenance work on a house close  by, your stop tap may have been turned off.

If this is the case and you cannot speak to anyone to ask then please contact us on 01223 70 60 50 and we will investigate the situation for you.

Stop taps usually have a plastic or metal cover marked "Water" or 'W' however, they can unfortunately be covered over by contactors working in the highway or neighbours undertaking DIY or maintenance work. If you do have difficulty locating your stop tap please contact us on 01223 70 60 50.

Do your neighbours have water?

If your neighbours do have water this may indicate an internal problem and you may need a plumber.

If your neighbours do not have a water supply either it may be for the following reasons:

Burst main 2Bust main or emergency work

If one of our water mains has burst or there is a bad water leak, this may affect supply to your property. Likewise, if we are dealing with an emergency incident we may have had to turn off your water supply at short notice.

Wherever possible we will send out a written notice which will include the fact that the supply has been interrupted or cut off, where any alternative supply may be obtained, the time by which it is proposed the supply should be restored; and the telephone number of an office from which further information may be obtained;. If this is not possible we will notify customers either by knocking on doors or using a loudhailer in our water vans. If the incident is serious you can keep track of updates and find out about alternative water supplies by visiting our website or tuning into the local media.You can find out if we know about the incident by clicking here

If you would like to report an emergency or a burst main please contact us on 01223 70 60 50.

Planned work

Sometimes it may be necessary to cut off your supply while we carry out planned maintenance and repair work. Wherever possible, if we believe the interruption will be for over four hours, we will give you at least 48 hours notice.   

To find out about planned work in your area please click here.