Drought plan

Droughts are natural events caused by a serious lack of rain over several months. The East of England was last affected by drought in the spring of 2012.

The decisions water companies make during a drought, such as whether or not to implement a hosepipe ban, are made based on the information contained in their drought plan.

We review our drought plan and publish a revision at least every five years.

Update: 11 August 2017:

We are now seeking views on the proposed changes in our revised draft drought plan

Cambridge Region Draft Drought Plan 2017

Cambridge region Drought management Plan Non Technical Summary

The consultation period runs for eight weeks between Friday 11th August and Friday 6th October 2017.  We invite our customers, organisations and interested members of the public to make comments on the draft plan.

Following the consultation period we will explain what changes we will make to our plan as a result of any comments we receive during the consultation period in our initial Statement of Response. Subject to approval by the Secretary of State, our final Drought Management Plan will then be published in 2018.

Stakeholders wishing to make representations or comments on the draft plan are advised to submit them to:-

The Secretary of State for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

Drought Plan Consultation

Water Availability and Quality Programme

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

Area 2C

Ergon House

Horseferry Road

London SW1P 2AL

Or by E-mail to water.resources@defra.gsi.gov.uk

The Secretary of State will forward all comments on to us.

In the meantime, our current drought plan remains in force.  For general queries on the drought plans please contact us at drought.consultation@cambridge-water.co.uk


Cambridge Water Drought Plan 2012

Accompanying statement

Statement of response

Printed copies of the plans are available on request