Discoloured water

My water appears brown/yellow/dirty/discoloured

Work on a water main, use of a fire hydrant or a reconfiguration of the supply network may disturb deposits normally present in the bottom of the main. These may cause water to look brown or yellow.

Advice: Run the cold kitchen tap for 30 minutes or until the water runs clear, whichever is sooner. If you are on a meter you will be able to claim a credit for the water that has been run off. If the water does not clear during this time call Cambridge Water on 01223 70 60 50.

My water appears cloudy (or milky):

You may find that your tap water has a cloudy or white appearance. This occurs most often first thing in the morning, or when the tap has not been run for some time. The most common cause of this is tiny air bubbles.

You can confirm this by running a glass of water and standing it for a few moments and
watching the cloudiness clear from the bottom of the glass upwards. Air in water is completely harmless and, in many cases, adjusting the stop tap on the incoming service pipe (usually under the kitchen sink) will cure the problem.

Cloudy water due to air can occasionally be caused by a burst water main or when we have been carrying out maintenance work.

Advice:  If your water contains air for the first time, or has been cloudy for more than a day or so and your neighbours are also affected, please contact us.

If the cloudy appearance clears from the top down, this may be caused by chalky deposits and you should also contact us.

My water looks blue

Hot water cylinders and most household pipes are made from copper. In very new buildings, or buildings with new plumbing, small quantities of copper can dissolve into the water until a natural protective layer builds up on the inside of the pipes. Usually this does not cause a problem other than the risk of slight staining, especially with white baths and sinks.
However, sometimes the water can develop a blue tint if it has stood in contact with the pipes for a long time. This problem should only last for a few days whilst the protective layer forms.

Advice: If it continues then you need to contact the house builder or a professionally qualified plumber. If you are still concerned, please contact us on 01223 70 60 50.