Compulsory metering

As a rule all new water supplies are metered. This Government strategy has been in place since 1990.

In properties built prior to 1990, we may require meters to be installed in the following circumstances:

Mixed Use Properties (Home and Business)
The occupier of a property, which is primarily used as a home, but also used for business, may elect to continue to be charged on an unmeasured basis.

The company has the right to meter the whole property where the principal use of the premises is for business. Examples of this include hotels where the landlord also lives, or properties which contain a caretaker’s flat, or shops containing a flat for the shopkeeper.

Properties that have been split or merged into a different number of premises

Premises that do not have a charging value

Swimming pools, garden ponds, fishing lakes and environmental water areas

Public houses

Short stay accommodation (guest houses, hotels and other short stay accommodation)

Sprinklers and automatic watering devices

New occupiers
Cambridge Water can elect to charge a new occupier by metered charges as long as the new occupier has not been billed for unmeasured charges. We cannot elect to charge a new occupier by metered charges if one of the original occupiers still resides there.