Carbon management

At Cambridge Water the key operations that generate carbon are pumping water, running a fleet of vehicles and construction and repair of the network.

In 2007/08 we calculated that 213kg of Carbon Dioxide equivalent (CO2e) was emitted for every Ml of water pumped. This places us amongst the lowest Green House Gas intensity companies within the industry, despite our heavy reliance on pumping to move water around our network.           

By working smarter, Cambridge Water is confident that through the next five years (2010-2015) we will be able to improve the efficiency of our operations and achieve environmental benefits, as well as financial savings. Specifically we aim to:

1) Use technology to minimise driving wherever possible

2) Promote water efficiency to reduce water usage, and hence electricity associated with pumping

3) Ensure our pumps are working efficiently as possible through a capital maintenance programme

4) Replace chlorine installations with non- chlorine gas treatment assets for the purposes of meeting the security standards and the added benefit of reducing our in-direct carbon

5) Promote a low carbon culture by increasing employee awareness of climate change issues