Assisted leak repair

As part of our commitment to the control of leakage we will repair the first leak to your supply pipe free of charge. This is provided the supply pipe is a standard size and that we are notified as soon as the leak is suspected.

Which costs are covered by this offer?

We will pay for all the work involved in repairing the leak. If we dig up your lawn or garden we will replace the original turf or leave bare soil. If we have to dig up a drive or other paved areas, we will finish the surface with tarmac or leave you to complete the job as you wish. We will discuss this with you at the appropriate time. All works carried out in relation to any of these activities will be guaranteed for a period of no more than 12 months from the date of repair.

What will the work involve?

A technician will visit your home to undertake initial testing and we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for the repair.

Please note we will not carry out repairs that involve or risk disturbing the fabric of the building.

Important information regarding Cambridge Water’s detection and repair scheme: To identify whether there is a leak on your property we will send a technician to investigate. These tests could take up to two hours to complete. This first visit is free. If subsequent visits are required they may be chargeable, however, you are able to employ a contractor of your choice if any further detection work is required. Non-household customers and those who live in mixed use premises, who request further detailed investigations, will be charged for the service. For more information please read our Charges Scheme available on our website, or request a copy by calling 01223 706050.

Once the leak has been repaired free of charge, no further free repairs will be carried out to the pipework on the property for a minimum of five years after the date of repair. Thus, even if there is a change of occupier in a five-year period, a second free supply pipe repair will not be granted. This also applies to shared supply pipes, i.e. only one free repair every five years on a shared pipe.

If you have any subsequent leaks at the property, Cambridge Water is able to provide a quote to carry out the work, or you can employ a contractor of your choice.

We will charge to repair a leak that has been caused through negligence by the owner or occupier, or where the owner or occupier knew, or should have known, there was a leak and failed to repair it.

We will not repair a leak on a supply pipe within 600 mm of a building or where it is under a building. This is because of the potential implications in disturbing the foundations of the property.

We reserve the right to terminate this offer at our discretion.

There may be circumstances where, in our opinion, it will be uneconomic to repair a domestic supply pipe. In these circumstances we will replace the supply pipe free of charge providing it fulfils the criteria outlined above. The same policy will be applied to mixed properties (where a property has both commercial and domestic use) but not to properties where use is solely commercial.