Assessed charges

Assessed charges are for customers who have requested a meter, but we were unable to install one as it is not practical or the costs to Cambridge Water are not reasonable.

If your charges are assessed, you will be billed annually. You may use one of our flexible payment options to spread the cost.

Important: This tariff is only available to customers with restricted circumstances. It is not available as an alternative to metering if we decide it would be reasonable and practical to install a meter.

Assessed charges for water

The amount you pay for water is determined by the type of property you live in, such as detached, semi-detached or flat.

You can find this year's Assessed charges for each property in the fixed charges section of unmetered charges

Assessed charges for wastewater

Anglian Water assesses charges for wastewater based on individual consumption.

You will be asked a short series of questions that enable us to work out what your charge will be for wastewater; to assess what the charges would be if you did have a meter installed.

If you are asked to, please print and complete the form below and post it to us.