Approved products

Whether you decide to appoint an approved plumber, or undertake a spot of DIY, only use materials that have been approved for use in contact with drinking water.

WRAS logoThe Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved logo shows produce such as pipes and water fittings, the water companies have checked and endorsed as complying with regulations to ensure they do not affect drinking water quality.

You can search to find products that have been approved by WRAS in its Water Fittings and Materials Directory

If you are interested in sourcing water efficient products, look out for the Waterwise marque.Waterwise tick logo

The marque is awarded annually to products which reduce water wastage or raise the awareness of water efficiency.

Over 50 marques have been awarded across a broad spectrum of products including dishwashers, showerheads, water storing gels for the garden, toilets and urinals, drought resistant turf, domestic water recycling products, water butts, a waterless carwash, tap flow restrictors, shower timers and devices to reduce the amount of water used when flushing your toilet, amongst others.

Look out for the marque in stores on the product itself, product packaging, point-of-sale information, product catalogues, promotional literature and company websites.

To find out more, or search for products that have been awarded the Waterwise Marque click here