Your metered bill

What are your charges for customers on a water meter?

Metered charges begin from the day the water meter is installed. Until then please continue to pay your unmeasured bill as usual and we will make any necessary adjustment later. Any money we owe you will be credited to your metered account.

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How often will you send me a bill?

We will send you a bill every six months. If the annual consumption regularly exceeds 4000m3, then you will be billed quarterly. The date you receive your bill will depend on when we read your meter.

Your first metered bill could arrive at any time after the first six months of the meter being fitted.

If we have been unable to get our own reading, or a reading from you, we will send you an estimated bill.

Please note our charges are set on 1 April each year. If the previous bill was received before 1 April, the next bill will be apportioned so that the customer pays one rate to 31 March and the new rate from 1 April.

 How can I pay my bill?

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How can I reduce my metered water bill?

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What if I have concerns about the accuracy of my bill?

If you are concerned that the meter is showing more water than you believe you have actually used, we will send an inspector out to check the meter free of charge.

If you are still sure that the meter reading is inaccurate it is possible to swap the meter and have it tested off site by the manufacturer. However, if the test does not show the meter to be outside the accuracy limits required by the Trading Standards Office you will be liable for the cost of the text to a maximum charge of £70.

If the meter is proven to register incorrectly, charges will be adjusted to reflect normal consumption from either the date the meter became faulty or for the six months prior to the last reading, whichever is the earlier.