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I have pink/red stains in the bathroom/toilet

The reddish-pink colour sometimes seen on shower curtains, bath sealant, or around taps is not caused by the water itself, but by the growth of common bacteria or yeasts. Both can thrive in moist, warm environments like those found in bathrooms. Their presence does not indicate a problem with the quality of the mains water supply.

Advice: The solution to the problem is to wipe down wet surfaces and increase air circulation by opening a window or fitting an extractor fan to ensure that affected areas are quickly dried out after use. Household cleaner, disinfectant or bleach solution can be used to kill off the bacteria and yeast spores.

I have mould in my property

Black, grey or red staining around taps in the bathroom or showers, on the grout between bathroom tiles and in washing machine powder drawers is quite common. The staining is caused by the presence of airborne mould that can grow and proliferate in damp areas. The problem is made worse if the area is poorly ventilated, or if aerosol deodorants or other sprays (which provide a food source for the mould) are used.

Advice: Simply improving the ventilation in the room, combined with regular use of household cleaning agent, will help minimise the problem.

I have stains on my laundry

On some occasions iron in water can stain your laundry. If this happens firstly check that your mains water is clear, then re-wash your clothes after following a few simple tips:

  • Keep the clothes damp and run the tap until the water runs clear
  • Use a synthetic detergent rather than a natural soap
  • Do not add bleach
  • Do not boil clothes
  • Rinse clothes by hand

If you believe the discolouration has been caused by the water supplied to your property please contact us on 01223 70 60 50.