Problems with your water supply

Cambridge Water prides itself on providing a consistent supply of high quality drinking water to our customers' homes.  As a regulated company we are very closely monitored by Ofwat and must comply to standards set by the Drinking Water Inspectorate.

Each year we take around 25,000 samples of water at treatment works, reservoirs and at homes across the region.

On a typical day Cambridge Water treats 73 million litres of water at 23 treatment works to make it clean and safe to drink. It is then supplied through 2300 km of water mains to 320,000 people.

Occasionally, however, drinking water is not up to standard and this can be for a variety of reasons.

When you examine your drinking water, it should appear clear and bright and it should be of a consistent pressure.

If it is discoloured, cloudy or has an unwanted taste or smell, or if you have experienced a loss of supply or poor pressure you should contact us immediately on 01223 706050.

The links below are intended to provide information only on what problems with your drinking water may be.