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Hydrant standpipes

Hydrants are located along various points on our mains network. Their primary purpose is to allow water to be drawn off by the emergency services, however, the company has a policy of allowing licensed uses to access its fire hydrant network.

To obtain a licence, users must first undergo a risk assessment and agree to Cambridge Water's terms and conditions.

Please note: Only the fire service and holders of Cambridge Water-issued licence may draw water from a hydrant. It is an offence to take water without consent and legal proceedings will be taken against unauthorised users. Unauthorised access poses a risk to the quality of water we supply to our customers and could result in contamination of the public water supply, reduction in pressure, disturbance or possibly a mains failure of our network.

In most instances a standard a standard licence will be issued for an unmeasured standpipe. However, following a risk assessment, Cambridge Water may require a metered standpipe be issued.

In all cases only a company issued standpipe may be used and will be restricted to maximum of 25mm bore.

The license will be time limited, and may be renewed with the consent of the company.

Can I become an authorised user?
If you would like access to our hydrant network you can apply for a licence. The licence policy has been introduced to allow users access to our hydrant network.

Subject to a risk assessment and agreement to our terms and conditions, you will be granted a licence allowing access to all hydrants within the Cambridge Water supply area.

What is a licence?
The licence is to allow users to draw water from any of our hydrants through one of our standpipes. All our standpipes do incorporate an anti-pollution device to reduce the risk of contamination entering the public supply.

All licences are time limited and generally on an unmeasured, fixed-fee basis. Short-term licences are available for one, two or three-month hire periods. A 12-month licence is also available. All licences may be extended should you need it for longer, but you will need to contact us in advance.

How do I apply?
Complete our application form and return it to our regulations team. We will carry out a risk assessment and will contact you to advise you of the outcome.

In some circumstances we may need to inspect your equipment. Where the level of risk is greater than the standpipe can guard against, we may need to apply conditions.

Once we are satisfied, you will then be able to collect a standpipe from us. In exceptional circumstances we may require a metered standpipe to be issued. In any case, we will keep you informed throughout the process.

All standpipes issued will be restricted to maximum of 25mm bore but you will have the option of a hose union bib tap or a standard 2.5'' fire hose connector. Larger sizes may only be used upon application and under the supervision of our inspectors, subject to availability of staff.

fire hose connector 


 hose union bib tap

2.5'' Fire hose connector


Hose union bib tap

For more detailed information on our terms & conditions and pricing, download the documents below or for further advice contact us at or call 01223 706050.