Guaranteed Standards Scheme

Cambridge Water aims to provide a high quality service at all times. We have set certain minimum standards that we expect to attain. If we fail to reach these standards, you may be entitled to a compensation payment.

Keeping appointments

When we make an appointment to visit your premises in connection with the water supply, we will specify whether the visit will be made before or after 1pm. If you would like a more specific appointment, we will offer you an appointment with a two-hour time-band.

We will automatically pay you £20 if:

  • The appointment does not specify whether the visit will be before 1pm or after 1pm, or where requested, within a two hour time-band; or
  • The visit is not made as arranged.

Account queries and requests about payment arrangements

If you contact us in writing with a query about your account, we will reply within 10 working days from receipt. If we do not, we will automatically pay you £20.

If you ask us to change a payment arrangement (including requests to change to instalments and/or change the frequency of payments), we will make the change or reply stating why we cannot, within five days. If we do not and we cannot meet that request, we will automatically pay you £20 if we do not reply within five working days from the date of receipt of the request.

Complaints about water

If you complain to us in writing in connection with the water supply, we will automatically pay you £20 if we fail to send a full reply to you within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the letter. Where a payment or credit is due to a customer under this standard, the payment or credit will be made within 10 working days of the amount becoming due. If we fail to make this payment within that time, a further £20 becomes due.

Notice of interruption of supply

Sometimes we have to interrupt the supply of water to carry out necessary works. We will give you notice of the proposal to carry out works before the supply is cut off, and let you know in writing, at what time the supply will be restored.

If the supply is cut off for more than four hours, and we have failed to give at least 48 hours notice, we will pay you £20 (£50 to business customers).

Where the supply has been interrupted to carry out necessary works in an emergency we will take all reasonable steps to notify affected customers:

  • The fact that the supply has been interrupted or cut off
  • Where and how alternative supplies may be obtained
  • The time by which we propose to restore the supply
  • A phone number to call for further information

To view interruptions in your area, please click here.

Restoration of supplies

We do our best to restore supplies following planned interruptions within the time specified in the notice.

We aim to restore supplies within 48 hours if the interruption to supply was caused by a leak or burst on a strategic main or within 12 hours if the leak or burst was not on a strategic main.

We will pay £20 (£50 to business customers) if we do not achieve these targets.

We will pay a further £10 (£25 to business customers) for every complete period of 24 hours that the supply remains unrestored. Sometimes it is impractical for us to identify who has been affected by an interruption to supply or a failure to restore supplies. Customers who are affected can make a claim (either verbally or in writing) within three months following the date the supply was cut off. We will ensure the payment due is paid or credited to your account within 20 working days of receiving your claim.

Installation of meters

If you request a meter and the installation is to be carried out free of charge, we will survey and install the meter within 90 days.

If we fail to survey or install the meter within this time, you may claim a payment of £10.

Meter reading

We will read your meter on the day you are moving house, subject to receiving five days notice. If we fail to do this, we will make an automatic payment of £10.

Meter changes

We will notify you when a meter is to be changed. When a meter is situated externally, we may change the meter when you are out, but we will leave a card to let you know. If we fail to do this, you may make a claim for a payment of £10.

Pressure standard

We normally exceed a minimum static water pressure of 7m in the communication pipe to your property. (Static pressure is the pressure that would be recorded when no water is flowing in the pipe to the property). If, in any 28 day period, the pressure in a communication pipe falls below 7m static head on two occasions, each lasting not less than one hour, we will pay you £25. Customers should make a claim to us in writing within three months of the date of the later of the two occasions. Customers can claim up to a maximum of one payment every 12 months.


We cannot guarantee to maintain the minimum pressure during droughts or where the fall in pressure is caused by necessary repair and maintenance work to the system.

We will not make payments if pressure has dropped as a result of other severe weather conditions, industrial action by Cambridge Water's employees, or an act/default of a person not representing the company, for example, malicious damage or vandalism.

Payments due

Generally, where a payment or credit is required under the pressure standards, it will be made within 10 working days of the due date. If we fail to make payment within that time, a further £20 becomes due. If you are eligible for a further payment, you need to claim in writing within three months of the payment becoming payable.

However, if the payment or credit under our Restoration of Supplies Guarantee or under our Notice of Interruption Guarantee is not made within 20 working days following the date the water is cut off, we will pay you a further £20 (or £50 to business customers), if claimed by you in writing.

Customers in arrears

If you are entitled to a payment under the Guaranteed Standards Scheme, but if you owe money to Cambridge Water, and the debt has been outstanding for more than six weeks, the payment will be made by crediting the amount due to your account.

Payments do not affect other legal liabilities or statutory rights.

A payment/credit by Cambridge Water does not constitute admission by us of any other liability other than an obligation to comply with the standards. If you accept a payment or credit it does not affect other liabilities or statutory rights.

Reference to the Director General of Water Services

Where a dispute arises between a customer and the Company regarding a payment, the matter can be referred by either party to the Director General for determination.

Our aim is to provide you, the customer, with a high quality service at all times. The Cambridge Commitment describes the standards of service you can expect from Cambridge Water.

If you feel that we have failed to provide the service that you expect, please do not hesitate to contact us by email.