FAQs about metering

Why does my property have a water meter?

More than 60 per cent of our customers have a water meter fitted.

All properties built have 1990 have a water meter fitted. Alternatively, a previous occupier may have chosen to have a water meter fitted to save money on their bill

Where is my water meter?

The water meter is usually located where the water supply first enters the property.

If the meter is located outside it is likely to be close to a boundary wall or in the footpath under a small black  or grey cover.

If you are having problems locating your water meter please contact us and we will be able to help you find it.

How do I read the water meter?

Click through to the section on how to read a meter.

Can I remove the water meter?

No the water meter belongs to Cambridge Water. If you remove it we will replace it at your cost. We may also take legal action.

 Installing a water meter

Will you install a meter at a multi-occupied property?

We are happy to install a meter if one person takes responsibility for the payment of the bills

Who is responsible for the meter?

After installation, we shall be responsible for maintaining or replacing the meter unless you damage or misuse it. In this case, you may have to pay for any repair.

I do not own the property but I pay the bill, can I have a water meter?

If you are a tenant or leaseholder of the property, we advise that you obtain permission to install a meter from your landlord or freeholder prior to the pre-installation survey

I am a landlord. Can I apply to have a water meter fitted at my property?

You can only ask us to fit a meter if your name is on the water bill. Please make sure you tell your tenants if you want to have a meter fitted at your property.

I am making alterations to my property and the meter is in the way, what should I do?

Please contact us to discuss.

To remove our water meter without our prior consent is an offence. Any meters removed without Cambridge Water's consent will be replaced at charge to the account holder.

I think my meter is faulty, what should I do?

Contact us and we will come out and check it for you.

What happens if there is a leak on my property?

When you have a meter, we will charge you for all the water that passes through it. However, if you discover a leak on your external supply pipe, we may be able to give you an allowance to cover some or all of the water lost.

For more details regarding leaks click here.

Stopped or inaccessible meters

In the event of the meter stopping or becoming temporarily inaccessible, consumption will be estimated by the company from the most reliable data available.

Estimates on unread meters

If we are not able to establish how much water has actually been supplied to the property, we make an estimate and use this estimate as the basis for charges.

The estimate is made by reference to a previous like period.

If no previous like period exists, we base the estimate on average using the most reliable data available.