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Benefits of saving water

Reduce your impact on the environment - As demand for water increases it is vital that we use water wisely. The East of England's rainfall is only half the national average and Cambridge is one of the driest parts of this dry region. It has less rainfall than Barcelona. At the same time our population is increasing as more and more development takes place. It is therefore vital that we conserve our water supplies in a way that meets the needs of the community and the environment now, and for generations to come.

Save money on your water bills - The cost of using water is not only what you pay your water supplier. Other costs to your business may include:

  • Water treatment
  • Pumping
  • Maintaining equipment and infrastructure
  • Treating effluent and discharging it
  • Capital depreciation and the value of lost raw materials and products

Adopting a systematic approach to reducing water use could lead to a 30 per cent reduction in the amount of water you consume, which will have a knock-on effect for the bills you pay. Businesses that purchase water efficient technologies can also benefit from the enhanced capital allowance scheme. This is a tax break which allows businesses to claim 100 per cent first year capital allowance on investments.

Improve your company's environmental performance and CSR initiatives.