About your water supply

As your water supplier it is our responsibility to provide you with high quality drinking water - not only now, but for generations to come. To ensure this happens we work closely with our regulator, the Office for Water Services (Ofwat) and other stakeholders, such as the Environment Agency and the Drinking Water inspectorate to put the best plans in place to maintain the quality and consistency of the supply. In a nutshell it is our responsibility to ensure that:

  • There is enough water available now and in the foreseeable future
  • That the water meets the standards of quality set in the European Community Directive
  • That we have the infrastructure in place to deliver water to people's homes and businesses and that regular maintenance is carried out to tackle leaks and burst mains
  • That all new developments are fitted with approved water fittings and water meters
  • That we deliver the highest levels of service  to our customers
  • That we adopt environmentally friendly approach and help our customers be water efficient wherever possible
  • That we operate a financially viable company

As a water only company we only handle fresh water. Once the water has been used in your home or business it becomes waste water, and this is the responsibility of Anglian Water, together with all issues relating to surface water drainage. If you have any queries about your sewerage or surface water you can contact Anglian Water on 03457 145145.

Area we supply

Where your water comes from

More than 60 per cent of homes in the UK have hard water and Cambridgeshire has some of the hardest water in the country.

In total, 97% of the water supplied by Cambridge Water comes from boreholes drilled into the chalk strata south of Cambridge. The remaining 3% comes from a greensand source to the west of our area which feeds Gamlingay and the surrounding villages.

One of the advantages of taking water from underground is it is basically clean water. Like spring water, when it rains the layers of rock filter out the impurities. This means little treatment is required to make it drinkable.

As the water is filtered through chalk it also picks up particles of calcium carbonate, which in turn give it a crisp, pleasant and fresh taste.

When it is heated the calcium carbonate goes out of suspension and this is what furs up kettles and heating pipes.

Cambridge Water customers benefit from some of highest quality drinking water in the country. Each year, the company takes around 25,000 samples of water at treatment works, reservoirs and at homes across the region.

On a typical day Cambridge Water treats 73 million litres of water at 23 treatment works to make it clean and pleasant to drink. It is then supplied through 2300 km of water mains to 320,000 people.